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Abhra Das in action during Quiz Time 2011.

Welcome to the Assam Quizzing Wiki

The year was 1967, the place was Cotton College. As a part of the annual college week festival of the college, Prof Dilip Kumar Baruah and Prof Dilip Kakoty conducted the first ever quiz in Assam, which was won by an all ladies team. Since then, we have had 44 glorious years of quizzing culture, where the top quiz guns from Assam have excelled everywhere in India and abroad, and brought laurels to the state.

However, we donot as yet have any proper dynamic chronicle of the quizzing scene in Assam. Many of the stupendous achievements of quizzers, quizmasters and organisers exist only in the minds of the quiz lovers from this corner of the universe.

This wiki is an introductory step to reverse the trend. As of now, the prime purpose is to collect as many stories, reviews and results of present and past quizzes in Assam as possible. Later, we plan to organize the information better, and present them in appropriate forms.

The contribution of everyone ever involved in Assam Quizzing is vitally important for this dream to succeed. So, I request as many contributions as possible, from all quizzers in Assam.


Posts in this wiki are expected to be related to one of the following

1. Results and reviews of specific quizzes in Assam

2. Quizzers of Assam

3. Quizzing venues of Assam

4. Terms and fundae related to Assam Quizzing

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